1.) Fuel tank empty (unleaded fuel 87, 89, or 91 grade) or no motor oil (10w30)

2.) Equipment already connected to outlets (unplug any equipment from generator outlets)

3.) Stuck or defective oil level sensor switch (disconnect)

4.) Damage recoil start assembly

5.) Broken, loose or disconnected wire at ignition coil or faulty coil, remove coil wire from spark plug and check for spark

6.) Water in fuel, Drain tank and fill with new fuel

7.) Fuel not reaching carburetor, check for clogged fuel filter or kinked fuel lines

8.) Carburetor Float stuck

9.) Dirty carburetor

10.) Choke not operating properly, check for broken parts and air leaks around carburetor gaskets and insulating plate

11.) Valve clearance not properly adjusted (Intake 0.005, Exhaust 0.008)

12.) Low compression
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