Pressure Washer Storage

If you plan on storing your pressure washer for an extended period of
time, the following steps should be followed;

1) Add fuel stabilizer to fuel tank to minimize the formation of fuel gum
    deposits during storage.

2) Run engine at least 5 minutes after adding stabilizer to allow it to
    enter the fuel system.

NOTE: If a fuel stabilizer is not used, all gasoline must be drained from
the tank and carburetor to prevent gum deposits from forming on
these parts and causing possible malfunction of the engine.

3) Turn fuel shut-off valve to the “OFF” position, remove drain hex.

4) Turn fuel shut-off valve to the “ON” position and drain the fuel from
    the tank, carburetor and hose.

5) Reposition the carburetor drain hex bolt once the fuel is completely

6) Drain engine oil from engine as described in “Engine Oil Replacement”.

7) Pour approximately one teaspoon of engine oil through the spark plug
     hole and pull the recoil starter slowly until you feel increased pressure
    which indicates the piston is on its compression stroke and leave it in
    this position. This closes both the intake and exhaust valves to prevent the inside of the cylinder from rusting.

8) Cover the pressure washer and store it in a clean, well ventilated and dry place.

Preventing Freezing Damage

If your pressure washer is subjected to freezing temperatures, damage could occur. This type of damage is not
covered under warranty. To avoid possible damage, a small amount of antifreeze can be used. Place the unit
on its side with the water inlet facing upwards, pour 1/4 cup of antifreeze into the water inlet. Disconnect spark
plug wire, pull recoil starter several times to circulate the antifreeze in the pump system. Reconnect spark plug
wire. It is also important to make sure the wand and all hoses are disconnected and drained of all water or they
may burst. When taking pressure washer out of storage, run water through the system until it runs clear.
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